point loma termination cap

Another beautiful day in Point Loma brought us to another older home that has been remodeled over the years.

Our client is a retired Navy veteran who’s family bought the hose back in 1976 for $300,ooo! Needless to say it’s probably worth more now!

This gentlemen noticed that the top of his chimney had gotten quite rusty and in fact was barley hanging by a thread when we first got there. We were able to source a new termination cap, this time is Stainless Steel so it would provide a mush longer life than the galvanized metal that was used previously. Galvanized used to be the only way to go because Stainless Steel was so expensive!

Although it is still more expensive, Stainless Steel is more reasonably priced than it once was and with the very close proximity to the San Diego Bay and Pacific Ocean, it is almost a non negotiable to go with Stainless in this case!

If you look up and see things hanging off the top of your chimney, give us a call or shoot us an email, we’d be glad to hep get everything in order!