Chimney Repairs

Many people who live in San Diego have the pleasure of having a fireplace either gas or wood burning and we are masters at getting your chimney safe and fire ready. Many problems can accumulate over the years, even in sunny San Diego. You can read over some of the more common repairs below and if you have any questions or would like to book our services, give us a call, email or feel free to book online.

Chimney Caps

Probably our most common repair is installing a new chimney cap. They can rust out or fall off over time and they are an integral part of your chimney system regardless of fuel type. You can read more about Chimney Caps on that page here.

point loma termination cap

Termination Caps

A termination cap is on top if a pre fab chimney and fireplace system. These also rust over time and sometimes fall off. They were mostly made of galvanized metal and with a lot of San Diego being close to the ocean, rust is the biggest enemy of these. We strongly recommend replacing with Stainless Steel for longevity.

Chimney Crowns

Another common issue is when the crown of the chimney has starting failing and cracks become present and over time, widen. This is another issue of moisture protection and what can happen is that water seeps into the cracks and down the chimney system, causing the breakdown of mortar which can lead to smoke damage inside the home and possible heat transfer to combustible materials presenting a fire threat.

Brick & Mortar

Brick and mortar is an integral part of many chimneys. Although on some it is purely decoration, on others it can be structural and part of the venting and sealing of a chimney. Over time, brick can crack and mortar can erode which can be dangerous if it allows smoke into the home or allows heat transfer to combustible materials.

Cracked & uneven flues

When your flue is cracked, this can allow heat transfer to combustible materials as well as smoke into parts of the home. When the flue is uneven and not smooth, this can cause turbulence as the smoke rises which disturbs the natural gravity. This phenomenon can cause smoke spillage, into the home from the front of the fireplace.

Heat transfer

Many fireplaces just don’t give off much heat! Living in San Diego, this isn’t a huge problem but you would still like to warmed by the fire when you have one. A heat shield can help reflect the heat into the living room. In addition, a heat shield will protect the back of the firebox from deteriorating from intense heat over years of use. We have standard Heat Shields for most fireplaces and can build custom for yours as well.

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Client Testimonials

Needed a second opinion on a repair. Robert was on time and very professional. He explained what was needed for the repair and saved us some money. Also, offered a few tips on how to have a better fire. San Diego Chimney Sweeps will be be our go to company for all our chimney service. Will recommend to family and friends.

Renee F.

Robert provided amazing and honest service. Just had my gas furnace serviced and was told to get a chimney cleaning. I contacted Robert, and he fit me Into his busy schedule immediately, came by on time, and EVEN clarified that no cleaning was needed based on his inspection. Talk about honesty and integrity.

Corey G.