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No, we don’t wear top hats and sing on roof tops but we do enjoy our job anyway! A chimney sweep with San Diego Chimney Sweeps you can expect a thorough and complete job.

We use specific tools to ensure the removal of soot, ash and creosote from your firebox, smoke shelf and flue. What a chimney sweep does is make sure all of these components are clean and working as they are supposed to. We use brushes, drills and a high powered vacuum for most jobs and are very careful not to leave a trace of the job being performed.

Part of every Chimney Sweep we perform is our custom report which you will receive a copy of once the sweep is complete.

You can expect our certified technicians to:

  • Lay out drop cloths to prevent soot and ash from spreading around your home
  • Use special brushes that go all the way up your chimney that reach all areas of the flue to scrape and brush away all soot, ash & creosote
  • Use a HEPA filtered vacuum to trap any particulate from circulating in the home
  • Brush all internal areas within the fireplace including the firebox, smoke shelf, damper and damper handle
  • Go up on the roof and clean & inspect the cap, roof flashing, chimney crown and top of flue for damage or deterioration
  • Go over all findings in the report with you and recommend any repairs or concerns
  • Detail proper use of your fireplace including proper placement of grate and preferred fuel types
  • Email your custom report to you for your files
  • Answer any and all questions you have!  

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We genuinely look forward to providing you with peace of mind and would be proud to help you get your chimney in it’s best and most proper working order!

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