Today in La Jolla, it’s not too hard to see why we’re here!

This beautiful home right above La Jolla Cove and overlooking La Jolla Shores needed some attention to it’s chimneys, yes 2 of them.

The first one needed a new termination cap, the one put on many years ago, made of galvanized steel was thoroughly rusted and was letting moisture down through the flue, which can cause more problems including rusting of the damper if there is one, eroding the mortar and rotting wood potentially causing mold to grow.

The second one needed a new rain/spark cap as it too was rusted out. The interesting thing here is that they person who installed this, installed the wrong cap! This cap was made for a pre fabricated chimney, and this is a masonry chimney!

We informed the home owner of the situation and gave her an estimate and are awaiting approval for the job. Check back to see when the job is finished!