Today we’re in the wonderful city of Del Mar. Del mar has some very beautiful and expensive homes and today we were called out by a gentleman named Matt who is the house manager for one of these amazing dwellings.

He called us because the home he manages is going up for sale and the owner wanted to get all aspects of the property up to par. The chimney has a slight tilt from being hit, probably by a passing truck or something like that. In addition, with the home being only 3 blocks to the water, the termination cap on the pre fabricated chimney had rusted almost all the way through.

We went ahead and took the cap off, took measurements and recommended a complete replacement with a Stainless Steel cap. The old one was made of galvanized steel which rusts quite easily. While we were there, we completed a thorough inspection of the chimney and rest of the fireplace along with a quick look at the dryer vents which were in a very dirty condition, and recommended having a dryer vent service performed as well.

We will be completing the project next week. If you’re in Del Mar and need a chimney sweep, chimney repair or a dryer vent service, feel free to give us a call or you can book online! We love being in Del Mar and would happy to help with any chimney needs you have!